Cooling Fan Relay Installation Kit

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Cooling Fan Relay Installation Kit

Here we have a complete relay kit for installing your electric cooling fan.  This kit includes:

  1. 10 ft of 14 ga. Red GPT wire
  2. 10 ft of 14 ga. Gray GPT wire
  3. 10 ft. of 16 ga. Green GPT wire
  4. 5 ft. of 16 ga. Black GPT wire
  5. Tab mount relay socket
  6. 30 AMP Bosch Relay
  7. 30 AMP Circuit Breaker
  8. Assorted Terminal ends

Relays are an essential part of your cooling fan installation.  A relay helps to reduce the risk of damage to your pump or wiring and allows for longer wire runs with less voltage drop.  Save your switches and use a relay!  Kit comes with instructions! 

Price: $27.50
List Price: $49.99

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Cooling Fan Relay Installation Kit

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